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We are Larence home, where you will always find luxurious and chique furniture, stylish home decor and innovative modern home solutions, as well as design inspiration and unique home accessories.

Packaging and Shipping

Our packaging system and standards are all ready and waiting for international shipping with world's highest home decor standards
About International Orders
If you travel the world looking for new products and inspiration for home decor, and Larence Home happens to catch your eye, we are open to inter internatio partnership. we can ship your order fast and wide from our Tehran based warehouse, because we are ready to send our designs all over the world
If you want to know more about our international terms and policies, please contact us at
About Larence Home
Founded in 2018, LARENCE, became one of the highest quality brands in home accessories, decor and furniture. It is the focal point of Luxurious Furniture. It has a complete problem free approach providing integrated, convenient design and supply solution for its customers’ requirements with its full-fledged production facilities for decoration
Our company, closely pursuit developments with its specialized staff to meet growing and changing customer requirements, to develop service quality, to fulfill customer satisfaction, to minimize the costs. The designs we produce in modern style, meets high-rated consumer groups.

  • I can't tell the many aspects of producing. From helping for the economic wheels to the creating feeling. We try to be the best and produce the best

    Matin Sharifzadeh
  • We can add art and light to every place we design and give you the best picture you've ever seen of your living place!

    Nazanin Nouri
  • .Having a perfect plan for the life is everything. We have a perfect plan for the design we do from first step to the last. This is the reason for us to be completely trustworthy

    Nastaran Bakhtiarpour
  • Sales section brings beauty to peoples life with the right suggestions and we do our best to guide you in the best direction for your taste

    Majid Khodayvandi